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WHAT IS NET ZERO ? A Net Zero building, also  known  as “zero energy” building, means  a building  with a net energy consumption and net carbon emissions  of zerover  the span of a year. The buildings can  either   be  connected to the grid  or independent and additional energy can  be  harvested, on site, through a variety of sources: solar,  wind,  etc.  This is done in conjunction with efficient construction, HVAC, and water systems. The end  result is a home  that costs significantly  less to operate, can  be constructed quickly,  is  durable, with less maintenance and is more  comfortable and draft   free.
ENERGY EFFICIENCY FEATURES AVAILABLE  Super-insulated construction (R-40 walls,  R-60 roof)  Photovoltaic solar  panels  Solar  hot water  High-efficiency heat  and air conditioning  Energy-efficient, triple-glazed  windows  Airtight construction  Low-flow showerheads and faucets
HEALTHY INDOOR ENVIRONMENTAL FEATURES  Efficient ventilation / fresh air exchange  LoVOC paints, adhesives and sealants  Formaldehyde-free insulation DESIGN ELEMENTS  Sun-protecting overhangs in summer  “Solar tuned” for more  sun and warmth  in winter
BUILDING & DESIGN To achieve net zero performance, the homes  have 12” exterior walls,  with off-set 2×4  studs,  16” on center. When insulated with dense-pack cellulose, this provides an  R-40 wall,  with minimal thermal breaks. The windows are designed to provide for exemplary insulating capability, while the south  facing  windows are chosen to allow  for passive thermal gain. A solar thermal hot water system and photovoltaic solar  panels are set on the roof,  providing hot water and electricity, for both  heating and powering the home. Due to the extraordinary insulation, the minimal heat  required to warm   the home, even  during  the coldest Maine winters, allows  for the use of a mini-split forced air heat  system, which  will also  provides air conditioning during  the summer  months. Setwright is working  closely  with sustainable designs from industry  leaders Kaplan Thompson  Architects  and  Keiser Homes  resulting  in the most affordable and liveable  net zerready homes  available.
After searching for many years Setwright has found the perfect match between Architect, Modular home manufacture and Builder . Our company is proud to be part of this cutting edge network. If you are thinking about building a Beautiful , cost effective, mega energy efficient New Home anywhere in New England look no further you have come to the right place
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